Comics Day Guest 2016: Comic Artist Graham Pearce

Graham Pearce
Graham Pearce (and friend?)

Graham Pearce is a Preston-based comic writer/artist who is best known for his self-published satirical action comedy Sgt. Mike Battle: The Greatest American Hero! and his series of Repainted prints.

Graham spent his childhood collecting comics and created hundreds of his own superheroes but it wasn’t until 2000 that he tried to take the comics industry by storm with a multitude of humorous characters and comic strips. Unfortunately the Comics industry didn’t pay any attention to Graham’s efforts so he decided to make comics purely to entertain himself.

In 2001 Graham created the first Sgt. Mike Battle comic which spoofed Hollywood’s tendency to rewrite history. Comics International described the comic as “much better than it should have been” which Graham still believes is a compliment. 13 years, 19 issues and nearly 800 pages later, Graham continues to self-publish and shows no signs of running out of ideas anytime soon!

As well as creating Sgt. Mike Battle, Graham is also the creator of Watchblood, co-creator Swooper Heroes (with his 8 year old niece) and continues to work on his art project Repainted, which features characters from popular culture repainted to look like something else.

Graham is the father of twins and hopes to get them creating comics as soon as they can hold a pencil. At the time of writing, Graham hasn’t won any awards, hasn’t been published by anyone else and still hasn’t had any of his ideas turned into a movie… but he’s still hopeful!

Graham Pearce Online

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