Comics Day Guest 2016: Comic Artist Lew Stringer

Lew Stringer
Lew Stringer

Lew Stringer works as a professional humour comics artist and writer and have been freelancing full time since 1984, creating many characters such as TOM THUG, PETE AND HIS PIMPLE, COMBAT COLIN, BRICKMAN, ROBO-CAPERS, DEREK THE TROLL, SUBURBAN SATANISTS and others.

He’s freelanced for IPC, Marvel Comics, Egmont, Panini,D.C. Thomson, and many others, covering the comics field from originated characters to licensed properties, pre-school to adult on comics such as BUSTER, OINK!, BEANO, DANDY, TRANSFORMERS, SONIC THE COMIC, TOXIC, VIZ, CiTV TELLYTOTS, LEGO ADVENTURES, HERMAN HEDNING, SWEET FA, ACTION FORCE, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, RAMPAGE, LUCKY BAG COMIC, SWIFTSURE, WARLOCK, WHITE DWARF, ACES WEEKLY, THE DAREDEVILS, THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL, and many more.

His recent comics work has included:

  • ‘Team Toxic’ for Egmont’s TOXIC magazine
  • ‘Postman Prat’, ‘Kid Cops’ and ‘The Dark Newt’ for THE DANDY
  • ‘Rasher’, ‘Doctor Flu’, ‘Celebs on a Sledge’, ‘Rubbish Robots’, ‘Lord Snooty’ and ‘Ivy the Terrible’ for THE BEANO. ‘Felix and His Amazing Underpants’, ‘Pathetic Sharks’ and ‘Suicidal Syd’ for adult comic VIZ.
  • ‘The Daft Dimension’ for DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE

• Find out more about his work at – and do visit Blimey! It’s Another Blog About Comics, where he regularly posts about British comics