Lancaster Comics Day 2017 Guest: David Sque

David Sque
David Sque

David Sque is a freelance illustrator and painter best known to comics fans for his work on the iconic Roy of the Rovers, with over 30 years experience in all fields of artwork, including landscapes and seascapes, portraits of all types of animals and people, and magazine illustration work, both general and technical.

Born in Bournemouth, he studied at Bournemouth Art College and got his National Diploma in Art and Design, and has been a full time artist/illustrator all his professional life.

In addition to Roy of the Rovers he also worked on the Daily Mirror newspaper strip Scorer, with fellow Lancaster Comics Day guest Barrie Tomlinson.

One of his most recent projects has been Preston North End: Rise of the Invincibles, the story of the early days of the club, written by Michael Barrett (who will also be at our event) and published by Invincible Books.

David has worked in all mediums, from line through to full-colour oil painting and created paintings covering most subjects, from nudes to houses and cars.

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Roy of the Rovers art by David Sque
Roy of the Rovers art by David Sque


"Emma" by David Sque, one of his paintings
“Emma” by David Sque, one of his paintings