REPAINT Your Heroes with Graham Pearce

REPAINTED Workshop - Lancaster Comics Day 2015
A REPAINTED Dalek, one of the artworks created by young artists at Lancaster Comics Day 2015 thanks to Graham Pearce

After the success of last year’s Lancaster Comics Day, Preston-based comic creator Graham Pearce – best known for his wonderful SGT. MIKE BATTLE indie comic – is back with his popular REPAINTED workshop where he will be inviting you to reimagine your favourite comic characters like never before!

“I ran the first ever REPAINTED workshop as part of Lancaster Comics Day last year,” Graham reminds us. “I was a bit nervous about how it would work and if anyone would turn up but I had a great time. So many people took the time to sit down and make their own REPAINTED pictures (I think some of the adults enjoyed it more than their kids!).

Here are just some of  the amazing images that were created on the day and if you’re on Facebook, you can view more here.

• Lancaster Comics Day is back on Sunday 5th June at Lancaster Library. Web:

• Check out the rest of the Lancaster Comics Day 2016 programme here

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