On Sale Today: Control by Andy and Angela Diggle

Control #1 Cover A by Ben Oliver
Control #1 Cover A by Ben Oliver

On sale today in all good comic shops – including First Age Comics  on Moor Lane – is CONTROL #1 , written by Lancaster Comics Day guest Andy Diggle and Angela Diggle, illustrated by Andrea Mutti.

“Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham isn’t making any friends in the Washington D.C. Police Department. That makes her the perfect scapegoat when a routine homicide investigation threatens to blow open a criminal conspiracy that reaches to the upper echelons of the DC power elite.

“Kate makes it go away, or they make her go away.

Cop or criminal, power is all about control, applied top-down from the penthouse elite to the hustlers on the street. But what happens when the street pushes back…?”

We’re delighted Andy will be at Lancaster Comics Day, where we’re sure he’ll be more than happy to talk about CONTROL and other projects he’s working on.

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